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    January 11, 2021 2 min read

    Do you find yourself in a depressed state, wondering what you’re missing? Are you thinking that there must be something else that you should be doing? You may have even had a period in your life where you achieved happiness, but lost it. You’re left wondering how to make yourself feel happy again. If you’ve been asking how to make yourself feel happy again, you need to incorporate these principles into your life.


    Where focus goes, energy flows. Put your focus on feeding your mind nutritious content and you’ll give it the fuel it needs to learn how to feel happy.

    To feed your mind, read at least 30 minutes a day of something substantive. Social media doesn’t count. Try reading the biographies of people who have achieved amazing things or books about science and history. This will help immensely as you explore how to make yourself feel happy.


    No matter how much you feed your mind, it’s difficult to make an actual change in your life and discover how to feel happy if your body is telling you it’s unhealthy. Your mind and body are one unit.When you are feeling physically strong and powerful, your mind follows suit.

    To strengthen your body, adopt a sustainable, healthy diet that incorporates whole grains and the nutrients you need for energy and cuts out sugars and additives that harm your health. Aim for five days a week minimum of exercise.  Aside from exercise, create a daily ritual to help make you strong.



    Whether we’re seeking career success or inner happiness, role models and mentors can show us the right path. Find someone who has overcome obstacles to feeling happy or think of someone you admire who is wildly happy. What mindsets or empowering beliefs do they have that allow them to be happy? 

    Many of us stay around people who are at our level of happiness or below it, partly because it makes us feel good about ourselves and partly because they don’t present a challenge. When we stay around people who are comfortable, there’s no impetus to grow. Who you spend time with is who you become.

    If you hang around people who are consistently negative and only look at the downsides of life, chances are you will, too. Opt to surround yourself with those who have an abundance mindset instead and see how much easier it is to find ways to feel happy. 



    Giving will change your state of mind in ways you can only imagine.Giving without expecting anything in return and just trying to be a blessing in the lives of everyone you meet will give you the energy to do the previous four things and will inevitably lead to being happy.


    No matter how bad things may seem, find someone who’s worse off than you and help them. When you’re grateful for what you have and always on the lookout for how you can improve someone else’s life, you’ve truly discovered how to feel happy.





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