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    Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 

    Just Turn The Light On

    There are certain natural phenomena that make us feel revitalized. You know, simple things like sitting next to a huge waterfall, or being in front of rushing waves at the waterfront. What about these natural locations that give us good energy? Negative ions.

    Negative ions are produced in nature and there’s even a way to mimic them in the walls of your home. Negative Ions from Himalayan salt lamps physically transform a room – not just in color and glow, but with its natural benefits and effects.

    • Crystal salt stone and base
    • This salt lamp has multi color changing function with built in LED light, no need for you to install
    • Great decoration piece for home and office, saves space while keeping your anxiety under control
    • High purity extract of crystal salts from Himalayan mountains, elaborately hand carved crafts, can be used for lighting, decoration and air purifying

    Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Effects:

    • Releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air
    • This process is enhanced by the natural process of NACL resulting in the production of negative ions which eliminate the positive ions present in our environment, produced by computers, refrigerators, televisions etc
    • These lamps make the air clean and fresh to breathe
    • Once lit, LED light will emit a calming Amber color and will automatically slowly switch warm colors between: Orange, pink, red, and purple
    • Amber crystal salt rock lamp creates a unique ambience, makes you feel peaceful and helps to sleep
    • Suitable for people who sit for long hours, frequent use of computers, suffer from allergies, do yoga or meditation often, smokers, recurrent insomnia


      • Material: 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt
      • Light Color: Ambient
      • Quantity: 1 Set
      • Size: 29cm x 18cm x 12cm (11.42in x 7.09in x 4.72in)
      • Weight: 2.4lbs
      • Batteries Required: No
      • Power Source: AC

      Shipping Note:

      • Due to extremely high demand for product, please allow 9-18 days for delivery. Shipping is free for this item.

      Package includes:

      • 1 x Himalayan Salt Night Light with USB Cable