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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Classic Blue 12 Holes Ocarina Alto C Wind Instrument




  • Made of high quality kiln-fired clay ceramic.

  • Perfectly tuned in the key of C.

  • Superior Tone and Resonance.

  • Crystal clear high notes that don't require tons of breath.

  • Can be played by anyone with bit of practice

  • Dark blue glaze just like the stories.

  • There is also a platinum glaze around the triforce symbol.

This ocarina is not a cheap plastic toy or just a collector’s item. This is a hand-crafted and perfectly tuned musical wind instrument made with care by 6 Lynx to serve as a replica to the real Ocarina in the Story of Zelda.

Theme: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina

Material: Fire Burned Ceramic Clay 
Color: Deep blue
Size: 17.5*12*7cm
Number of Holes:12

Ocarina Key: Alto C Ocarina
Holes: 12 
Ocarina Pitch: From A4 to F6 Including Sharps and Flats
Skill Level: Suits for Beginners and Professionals
Ocarina Size: About 15.5*9cm/6.1*3.54 inch
Ocarina Weight: About 234g/0.52lb/8.25oz

Package Includes:
1 x Ocarina
1 x Cord

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