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Crystal Singing Bowl with Personal Custom Design Engraving - New Launch Promo 50% OFF



Design Your Own Crystal Singing Bowls!

Design and personalize your own crystal singing bowl! Just email us your design/copy after placing the order and we will custom make this for you. We recently partnered with a team of artisans in Bagmati, Nepal and are ready to start customizing your bowls and your design will be engraved onto your bowl.

Your thoughts, ideas and designs. We do the rest!


Sound Demo


6 Lynx chakra crystal singing bowls are made with Nepali Quartz which carries the purest spiritual energy on Earth, and crystals from here are known for their amazing clarity. The bowls are made of 99.993% purest quartz crystal sand, making them incredibly resonant. Each bowl emits a powerful, pure resonant sound. The tones produced by these crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, mindfulness & meditation. These bowls are much more reverberating with the tone lasting longer, simply because of the size specific tuning and amount of pure crystal. Available in frosted bowls tuned to F note Heart Chakra.

Reported Benefits From Using Crystal Singing Bowls: 
Reduce stress and anxiety significantly 
Practice deep meditation as more alpha brain waves are produced
Dramatically improve sleep quality
Promote mindfulness, happiness and well-being
Lower anger and blood pressure
Improve circulation and increases blood flow
Deep relaxation and pain relief
Increase mental and emotional clarity
Great conversation starter




Above images show the energy energy balance before and after singing bowl sessions over a one month period. (Dr. Konstantin Korotkov's Bio-Well human energy field assessment tool


Unique Features:
1. The Purest quartz crystal 99.993%
2. Unique production process
3. Deep pure and clear resonant sound 
4. Best value for overall benefits
5. Made with Nepali quartz


Shipping: Shipping is free for all orders. Due to COVID crisis please expect 9-15 days for deliver from Nepal.

Order Includes: 1x bowl, 1x playing mallet,  1x O ring

Bowl Size: 8inch

Note: F