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    Ethnic Pure Copper Magnetic Wrist Bracelet For Pain Relief Rheumatic Arthritis, Back Pain, Chi Balance - 50% Off

    Metal Color
    Rose Gold Color


    Description: Magnetic fields have been used for healing various ailments throughout history. Both eastern and European cultures have used magnetic energy for thousand of years to heal health concerns. Our beautifully designed bracelets are crafted from copper and placed with powerful rare-earth bio magnets, the strongest permanent magnets available. Each bracelet is made from scratch with 99.95 % pure copper with high powered magnets for arthritis, top polishing process, scratch resistant and long colorfast, lead & nickel free and 100% hypoallergenic. Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with copper for it's healing properties. 


    • 6 POWERFUL THERAPEUTIC MAGNETS STRATEGICALLY PLACED CLOSE TO THE WRIST because they are designed to help increase blood flow to the nearby joints and bring healing nutrients such as iron and vitamin C. They are also believed to help balance the bio-energy fields in the wristand surrounding tissue and increase chi energy.
    • MAXIMUM PAIN MANAGEMENT + EASILY ADJUSTABLE. Delivers pain management directly to the source of inflammation for relief and recovery of pains associated with arthritis, golfing, carpal tunnel, RSI, sprains, wrist tendonitis, and more. Plus our open design is easily adjustable to any wrist size with just a light squeeze.
    • COPPER - Has been used for health for over four thousand years and is essential to our health.
    • PERFECT GIFT – This therapy bracelet is stylish and can be the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself.

    Observed Health Benefits in Many Cases:

    - Restoration of cellular magnetic balance

    - Relief from Rheumatic Arthritis, back pain

    - Migration of calcium ions is accelerated to help heal bones and nerve tissues

    - Circulation is enhanced since biomagnets are attracted to the iron in blood and this    increase in blood flow helps healing

    - Hormone production is influenced by biomagnet use

    An important aspect of biomagnet use is magnet polarity.  This relates to the direction in which the magnet is placed.  The North Pole corresponds to TCM Yin, or negative polarity.  The South Pole corresponds to TCM Yang, or positive polarity.  In the chart below, the magnetic influences of the South and North Poles are shown by example:


    ----------North Pole---------- Characteristic: Sedating, Cooling
    Negative - Yin
    Low back pain
    Acute headaches
    Sharp pain
    ----------South Pole---------- Characteristics:Stimulating, Heating
    Positive - Yang

    Weak muscles


    How to wear: Magnets should be touching your skin as you wear   
    Bracelets Type: Magnetic Healing Bracelet
    Plating: Rose Gold/Gold
    Style: Trendy
    Shape\pattern: Geometric
    Setting Type: None
    Metals Type: 99.99% Pure Copper
    Material: Magnetic
    Diameter: About 6.5cm


    Shipping: Please expect 9-18 business days for your order delivery


    If you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker, do not use magnetic bracelets.

    Wearing magnetic bracelets should also be avoided when you are using an electronic device, like a heating pad.

    Remove your bracelet(s) when showering, bathing or engaging in any activity that would cause it to be submerged. This protects your bracelet from damage or soap-dirt buildup.