Black Princess Premium Gemstone Ring

Our Cubic Zirconia is simply one of the finest simulated gems on the market. With color, clarity and cut crafted to match natural diamond standards, 6Lynx Cubic Zirconia provides a breathtaking level of brightness like no other brands. 6Lynx designs attainable luxury, classic and contemporary jewelry made of flawless, exquisitely cut Cubic Zirconia.

Comes in 2 simulated Gem Types:

Blue Sapphire (September's Birthstone) is associated with faith, honesty, wisdom and serenity. It is believed to increase mental clarity and enhance spirituality in a person. Sapphire promotes pure emotions - purity of mind, serenity, joy and peace. It opens the mind to beauty and love and clears unwanted thoughts. 

Pink Tourmaline (October's second Birthstone) has a magical property of pyro-electricity making the gem take on a static electric charge when heated, thus causing it to be capable of attracting lightweight objects. Pink Tourmaline stimulates the creativity of its wearer. 

A gift of this stone is symbolic of hope. The color pink signifies love, romance and friendship, compassion and relaxation. Pink is symbolic of the more gentle feminine emotions.

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Type: Jewelry

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