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    May 01, 2021 2 min read

     Being mentally healthy is very important as it affects the way you feel and how you think and if neglected can lead to anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. which is why it needs to be taken care of and if your mental health begins to go off balance, you begin to feel sad and begin to even consider negative things.

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    Most people that find themselves in such situations always look for drastic means to get healing like going through intense therapy and taking medications unknowing to them that healing can come from within them. There's something called chakra in your body, which if it is in good condition can help boost your mental, physical and emotional health.

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    What is a chakra?

    The Chakra is referred to as the center of energy in the body. The chakra starts at seven different points, stretches out from the midline in a circle, and forms a wheel around your body. These chakras are all connected to some organs of the body and they have an energetic influence on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    How can chakra healing boost your mental health?

    It is believed that each chakra has its own connection to our organs and the energy it carries flows around us. When your chakra isn't functioning properly, there's every tendency that you won't also function properly because it affects your mood, and causes feelings of pains, fear, and anxiety which can later lead to depression. 

    So you need to start your healing process from your chakra so as to boost your mental health. For instance, the Root Chakra which is the first chakra is connected to your medula oblangata and is said to be associated with the color red, so if at some point you feel unhappy which leads you into depression you can always put on the color red or just a touch of red and it will heal the root chakra which will then boost your happiness and stable your mental health.


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