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    New Solfeggio Frequency Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Set

    This is our complete healing alchemy crystal singing bowl set carrying 4 of the most potent solfeggio frequencies. Each 6 Lynx solfeggio bowl is alchemy and made with an unique crystal fused or blended with our traditional pure white Nepali quartz and tuned carefully according to a healing solfeggio frequency.

    We did almost a decade of testing and studies on solfeggio frequencies before making our new solfeggio alchemy crystal singing bowls available to the public. As with our other complete healing crystal singing bowls sets these new solfeggio bowls also went through extensive testing for almost 9+ years before finally being released. We wanted to be sure we attained the most accurate frequencies using the crystals used for making these bowls.

    Only available at 6 Lynx. Solfeggio frequency bowls take years of testing to especially when using beautiful frosted quartz crystal. This is simply not available as potently anywhere. Recommended to combine with the 432 Hz universal healing frequency.

    Your Order Includes:

    - Solfeggio Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Set

    - "Sound Awakenings - Your complete guide to a transformative journey in healing with sound energy as medicine" (50 page e-book)

    - 2x Heavy Duty Travel Carry Cases for all bowls + 4x Mallets + 4x O rings

    - Pieces of the unique corresponding crystal rock 

    Full Solfeggio Sound Demo (Headphones suggested for true quality) 

    10" Rose Quartz Bowl: 396 Hz for Grounding and Inner Strength
    Made out of a stunning blend of rose quartz and white quartz crystal, this is an unique alchemy crystal singing bowl tuned to the grounding frequency of 396 Hz. This vibration helps bring a sense of deep security, and grounding energy into your life. You will feel more calm and find a sense of inner peace as day to day struggles seize to bother you.

    8" Fluorite Bowl: 528 Hz for Love and Regeneration 
    Made out of a stunning blend of emerald fluorite and white quartz crystal, this is an unique alchemy crystal singing bowl tuned to the love frequency of 528 Hz. Considered one of the most potent frequencies, helps heal your heart chakra and attract love and deepen all connections and relationships in your life. 528 Hz frequency is also a regenerative vibration.

    8" Lazulite Bowl: 741 Hz for Intuition
    Made with a beautiful blend of blue Lapis Lazuli and white crystal quartz rock. This bowl helps balance your Third Eye Chakra, known as the Chakra of Intuition, to promote self-belief and clarity of intuition. Regular listening may enhance mental clarity and spur confident decision making. Blue is also the color that reflects our Third Eye.

    10" Amethyst Bowl: 852 Hz Law of Attraction

    Made with mesmerizing deep purple amethyst and white quartz rock. This bowl carries a frequency that connects with your higher consciousness and the spiritual order Transforming the cell to higher energy states and raises inner strength. The vibrational frequencies of 852 Hz open up the cell and its ability to communicate and derive energy from the outside world. This means it improves your ability to manifest anything through the law of attraction. Very difficult to tune this high frequency with accuracy and we've finally achieved it perfectly.

    Only available at 6 Lynx

    Get our 60 page complete guide to sound healing. "Sound Awakenings" is included now with your order