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Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser 300ml - Sale 50% Off Next 24 Hours


Product Description: Our aromatherapy humidifier has a sleek new design, and a larger than average 300-ml. tank, enabling healing misting to go on longer. Silent, no-heat ultrasonic technology delivers safe, heat-free and smoke-free mist.

The Diffuser safely and effectively distributes the many therapeutic benefits of pure, natural essential oils for deep relaxation, hydrating humidifying in the dry season.


This product has a very easy to use touch switch. Touch once for aromatherapy/start diffuse and lighting. Touch twice, light is off. Touch three times, both will be off. There is also a delay of 4 hours automatic shutdown.

Package Includes: 

1 X Humidifier  

1 X USB Cable 

Shipping: Please allow 8-12 business days for processing and delivery 


Condition:  Brand New 
Capacity: 300mL 
Model Number: Wood Grain Humidifier
Certification: CE
Noise: <36db
Humidity Control: Humidistat
Power Type: USB
Power (W): 2W
Voltage (V): 5V


  • Prevents dry and cracked skin during winter season.
  • Aroma fragrance will soothe the senses, help you relax, promote metabolism and other natural effects.
  • Serves both humidification and aromatherapy function. Fine mist can remove static electricity, reduce the electronic original product radiation, the air inside, formaldehyde and other harmful gas pollution.
  • Humidifies the air, makes breathing easier and reduces coughing and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu. Reduce the smell of cigarettes, cooking and pets.

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