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    741 Hz Intuition Frequency Crystal Singing Bowl - 8" Made With Lapis Lazuli

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    Ournew 741 Hz crystal singing bowl is made with a beautiful blend of blue Lapis Lazuli and white crystal quartz rock. This bowl helps balance your Third Eye Chakra, known as the Chakra of Intuition, to promote self-belief and clarity of intuition. Regular listening may enhance mental clarity and spur confident decision making. Blue is also the color that reflects our Third Eye.

     Harnessing the Third Eye chakra this frequency's intuitive energy can help reconnect the mind with self-belief and self-determination. Experience clarity with each beat and trust your intuition with the 741 Hz Lapiz Lapuzi bowl.
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    741 Hz - Frequency of Intuition

    The 741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency could also be referred to as the Frequency of Intuition. It’s believed that listening to this frequency can help provide mental clarity and help with decision making and unblock the Third Eye, leading to a connection with higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.