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    Anti Aging Natural Jade Massage Roller for Toned Face Neck Body - Natural Beauty Tool

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    Here at 6 Lynx we promote natural healing and holistic well being and our jade stone rollers reflect our business moto. We are specialists in natural healing strategies and only offer the finest healing stones.

    Product Description: Eastern and Western culture's beauty strategies are becoming more and more infused. Jade facial rollers have been around for centuries; there's evidence of them as far back as seventh-century China. Our jade rollers are made with 100% genuine premium healing jade stones, the roller color is very transparent marking authenticity. Our dual roller also feature a textured surface, which increases the massage factor. And yes, the massage factor is key. The smoother side is used for under eyes areas. Like most beauty strategies that stand the test of time, the art is in a jade roller's simplicity. 

    Jade Rolling will:

    Improve Blood Circulation

    Boost Cell Metabolism

    Cellular Rejuvenation

    Anti Aging Benefits, Smoother skin, remove wrinkles

    Prevent and Improve high blood pressure

    Great for harmony, Balancing chakra mainly the Heart chakras

    The Jade stones were commonly used by Chinese women for centuries for anti aging benefits and to reduce wrinkles/lines. The most famous woman who used such device was Empress Ci Xi in late Qing Dynasty. It was said that her face was still very soft and smooth when she died at age of 75. In ancient China jade was the ultimate symbol of beauty, grace and immortality. The natural properties of jade mean it stays cool to the touch, even in hot conditions. This cooling effect makes it ideal for soothing pains like a headache.    Ours is dual-ended, featuring a smaller stone on the opposite end for use on smaller areas, like around the eyes. 

    Directions: When using, hold the jade handle bar and move either wheel up your face for about 10-15 minutes each day. It helps your face to relax and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Always roll in upward direction. Perform jade facial rolling on clean skin after cleansing. It works well on dry skin or preferably after applying a natural moisturizer or facial oil. The jade stone will help penetrate the cream deeper into the skin.The idea is to sweep upwards and outwards around the face and neck, using lighter pressure around the delicate eye area. This will relax your skin's muscle and feel less tight.

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    Material: Jade

    Color: natural color (natural Jade)

    Total length: appr. 14cm

    Package includes: 
    1 X jade roller