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Our Story

Hi I am Amer, founder of 6 Lynx Sound Healing ūüôŹ

6 Lynx was started in 2015 with one purpose in mind - make the best sound healing and wellness products with the purest intentions for our community which bring a real positive change in our customer’s lives. We take pride in making these products and having it easily available to our global community. We value our service to each and every customer above all else. We bring an incredible sound healing experience and continue to lead in this space. 

6 Lynx was built to bring a diverse selection of pure quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, hand crafted Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chakra Drums, healing gemstones and other healing accessories for you and your loved ones. Our company believes that everyone should have more positive balance in their lives!

We specialize in Crystal Singing Bowls for sound meditation, yoga, healing, and Reiki rituals. We carefully craft our popular crystal singing bowls from the purest Nepali quartz available. We strive to bring you simple and beautiful designed singing bows and healing gemstone jewelry.  Our items are handmade in Nepal then imported, stored in warehouse for distribution in the US, UK and Australia (or shipped directly to wherever you are). We hope our products bring much happiness and positive energy into your lives like we have for thousands of customers.

At 6 Lynx we are passionate about our work and never stop until you are satisfied. Whether you're bringing good vibes into your life or want to gift it to others lives, we are here for you.


What Sets Us Apart

By buying from us you are not only getting a high quality healing instrument and supporting our small business. You're also supporting a great cause. We partnered with Eden Reforestation in 2019. Part of all sales will go to support their projects and a tree is planted with every order placed and then for every $100 spent.

Fast Shipping with live tracking

We strive to get orders to the hands of our customers within 5-10 days and provide quick tracking updates. Our website now offers a live order tracking page.

Quartz Quality

We make our crystal items with pure Nepali quartz - only 99.993% pure quartz sand used to make the crystal singing bowls and harps

Unique Insured Shipping Policy and Guaranteed Replacement 

Your order is fully insured if anything arrives damaged we send immediate replacement

Easy Returns and Exchanges

Because we stand behind what we make, and because we know that stuff happens beyond the typical 7-14 day return period. Our return policy is 30 days 

Lighting Fast Customer Service

We take this seriously..we try to respond lighting quick (don’t be shocked) and we make sure to provide constant order updates 24/7

Industry leading manufacturing and sound testing

All our crystal products are made with 99.993% Nepali quartz. Made with propriety molding process that retains more healing minerals.  Sound tested with state of the art technology


Why I started it, A Better Sound Healing and Shopping Experience

I got into meditation and sound baths in California back in 2012. Having an anxious and restless mind, sound baths gave me an inner peace which I could not get from anything else. I wanted to buy my own singing bowls and start meditating with it everyday.

But like most men, I’m not a big fan of shopping. Where I was based (moved to Brooklyn at the time) there weren't any stores selling such items. I searched a lot online but it wasn’t easy to find quality sound healing products like singing bowls especially when I couldn't confirm if they insured shipping or sound tested the products. That's why we set out to build the best online shopping experience in the world for singing bowls and meditation accessories, and we made it the core of what we do. We're now one of the largest sound healing brands ever built on the web in the US

We have multiple warehouses in both west coast and East coast in US. We also hold inventory in Australia.

Our team

We are a small like minded group of individuals, dreamers and healers passionate about the art of sound healing and practice of meditation. We are based in Florida but our operations and manufacturing are in Bagmati, Nepal. We use Chinese fulfillment centers and shipping services to ship globally. We have warehouses in both west coast and East coast in US. We also hold inventory in Australia.







If you have any questions or concerns we urge you to please contact us so we may have the pleasure of resolving it for you immediately! Email us at 

Thank you for visiting us and supporting our small business. Namaste from 6 Lynx!