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    The Pongo Pan is an unique new tongue drum designed for relaxation, meditation and sound therapy . The steel pans are increasing rapidly in global popularity and rising to the demand, 6 Lynx has produced this exclusive new drum. 

    The Pongo Pan 12-inch 8-note steel tongue drum comes pre-tuned to the C Major pentatonic scale (G3 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5 D5).

    These steel pans are made in Florida, US and  shipped globally and are specifically designed for relaxation, meditation, sound therapy and balance.

    The drum produces warm clean tones in 432Hz. Includes a pair of black mallets and display ring. They produce beautiful melodic sounds because of the denser metal used and can be played by anyone without prior experience. They are sound tested thoroughly.

    The notes on our singing drums are sequenced making it easy for anyone to play rhythmic music. The notes of the drum are in perfect pitch tuned to the frequencies of the chakras. These Chakra Drums are hand tuned to the notes of the C Major Diatonic scale ranging from the C in the 4th to C the 5th octave. 


    • Significantly reduces anxiety and stress just minutes after playing

    • Sounds produce strong alpha waves which elevate focus for better meditation

    • Powerful tool that helps with presence of mind (mindfulness)

    • Beautiful sounds are relaxing to hear

    • Great Conversation starter

    • Fun to play for everyone


      How it's Made:  made to order. Crafted with virgin high grade pure steel and the tongues are cut densely by laser with state of the art precision to produce powerful tones. After the initial construction all fine tuning is crafted by hand in Nepal, ensuring perfection! 

      Inventory: Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Please consider getting two or more. Get one for yourself or your friends/family who has anxiety/depression or practices meditation, yoga, sound healing.

      Shipping: Free. Due to the hand made nature of the items, please expect 7-16 business days for your order delivery in U.S. For international orders please expect 9-20 business days.


      Included with this drum: 

      • pongo pan
      • Pair of mallets that are specifically handmade for our drum
      • Protective hand sewn shoestring bag


      How to Play: The drum can be played with the included mallets or with your hands and fingertips. A large sound port on the bottom of the drum allows the sound to flow through. Varying the opening in the bottom of the drum can vary the volume emitted by this drum. Chakra Drums are crafted of virgin high grade steel and cut with state of the art precision, after the initial construction all fine tuning is done by hand ensuring perfection!