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    Sound Pyramid - Powerful Vibrations for Sound Healing and Meditation - 99.993% Pure Quartz - Save 60% OFF


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    12" Sound Pyramid Demo


    Product Description: 

    Our bodies are made of vibration and it's important we are tuned to the right frequency and balance. 6 Lynx introduces you to our unique Sound Pyramid. Sound Pyramids are the next generation of crystal singing instruments. They ring louder, and sharper and resonate much longer than most instruments. They also have an unique Pyramid shape! In fact, our sound pyramids are modeled after the Great Pyramid of Khufu also known to the Greek as Cheops. The sound pyramid resonates with the power of sacred geometry of the Pythagorean Pyramid. The ancient geometry of the pyramid helps produce powerful layered vibrations that can be felt in your body long after the ringing has stopped. All our Sound Pyramids are made of 99.993% pure Nepali quartz crystal which is why the sound is so pure. Because of the pyramid shape, the instruments tone on 4 different notes, rather than one.



    These quartz crystal Sound Pyramids have healing qualities and characteristics similar to crystal singing bowls but with a different harmonic feel. They vibrate a few octaves higher so the sound has a sharp ring to it. This ringing is perfect for start of meditation sessions (for best results hang the pyramid directly above your head where you meditate). High vibration paired with sacred ancient geometry of the pyramid. 

    The Great Pyramid hides the grand cycle of Precession of the Equinoxes of our solar system around the central sun of the Pleyades (25827.5 years) in many of its dimensions. It is also well known that the three pyramids in the Giza complex are aligned with the stars in the Belt of Orion. 

    A perfect sound healing instrument to add to your meditation and healing session. They are a perfect compliment to the crystal singing bowl and pair perfectly.


    Uses and Benefits:

    Transformative and complex sounds that enhance your meditation and mindfulness 
    Healing the body by restoring internal vibrational frequency 
    Emotional cleansing 
     Reduce Anxiety Disorders and Relaxation
    Clearing the mind for increased focus and clarity
    Harnessing Earth energy and drawing in cosmic energy through the apex manifestation


    Caution:Please handle and play with care, sound pyramids are made with quartz crystal and are very delicate instruments.

    Inventory: Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Please consider getting two or more. Get one for yourself or your friends/family who practices chakra healing, meditation, wellness, holistic sound healing.

    Shipping: Free for US, UK and NZ. Due to current high order volumes, please expect 12-15 business days for your order delivery in U.S. For international orders please expect 12-19 business days.




    Weight (kg): 0.5 /1/2.5
    Quartz Purity: Quartz crystal> 99.993%
    Size: 4" 8" 12"
    Accessory: suede mallet