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    Three Tone Energy Chimes with Mallet - Exquisite Percussion Instrument for Meditation and Focus - Save 50% Today


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    Product description: The three rods of this chime produce most pleasant tones that sound wonderful in any combination. Tibetan monks use small cymbals, which sound highly similar to these chimes, to mark the beginning and end of a period of meditation. You can use your Meditation Chime in much the same way.

    The three rods are purposely tuned to nearly but not quite the same pitch. When they are struck at the same time, an acoustical phenomenon known as "beating" is produced (which releases more alpha waves in the brain). The rods will seem to ring with the same pitch, but you will notice a distinct pulsation or rhythm in this case, approximately 12 beats per second. Meditation Chimes are original, musically-tuned, high-quality wind chimes known for their superior sound. 

    When listening to a our meditation chime, you hear a fine musical instrument played by the wind, perfectly hand-tuned using the ancient system of “just intonation” based on natural harmonics. This means the frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are related to one another by simple whole-number ratios. Tones that are related in this way produce the most beautiful musical intervals. The sonic effect is exceptionally pure relaxing and soothing, perfect for meditation. 


    Inventory: Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Please consider getting two or more. Get one for yourself or your friends/family who practices meditation, yoga, holistic sound healing.

    Shipping: Free. Currently due to heavy order volume, please expect 9 - 18 business days for your order delivery in U.S. For international orders direct from Nepal please expect 9-30 business days.


    • THE PERFECT TOOL FOR MEDITATION AND STUDY | With just a strike of the mallet, the Three Tone Energy Chime produces a brilliant and lasting tone that fills the room with a swirling resonance. Use it as a way to recenter yourself throughout the day or as a way of signaling the beginning or end of a session. No matter how you use it, you'll be surrounded by a crystal clear tone that puts you at ease all day long
    • PERFECT REMEDY | for teachers who want to bring attention or smooth transition in a noisy distracted classroom
    • PROUDLY HANDMADE | Each product is made from hardwood and locally sourced aluminum/titanium and is assembled in our workshop.
    • COMPACT, VERSATILE, AND DURABLE | Long-lasting braided CordLoc is used to suspended our 3/8" thick Aluminum/Titatnium alloy bars on a hand-finished hardwood mantle. Each Single Tone Energy Chime is fitted with a super-durable braided nylon cord handle for hanging.
    • DIMENSIONS | The chimes are  6.5 x 3.3 x 1,2 inches in dimension and comes with one 7" birch dowel hard polymer mallet for playing.