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    March 21, 2021 3 min read

    Your mind body and emotions are part of an interlinked system, you change one, the rest of the system is affected. By changing one part of your system-be it thoughts, emotions or body-you affect the totality of your system and your body’s ability to physically and emotionally self-heal.

    Whether it’s a positive or negative way, the change will be reflected across your system. Your basic emotional responses will influence your physical functions. When you are emotionally drained, you’re less likely to be motivated. Everything that makes up ‘You’ is connected.

    Wellness is a result of understanding the important and power of your body’s connection-mind-body, as the source of self-healing itself. Many transformative strategies point towards the self-awareness of our physical health, mental focus, moods, behaviors and values. The more we know and get in touch with ourselves, the more clarity we gain and the ability to develop self-healing skills that help us thrive.

    Self-healing is a learned skill, the gradual change in your thoughts, actions and feelings grow as you continually discover that you can change your health. You become an active force in healing yourself by taking full responsibility of whatever your mind and body generates.

    How to heal your way to a healthier self

    Creating successful routines and sticking to them

    Routines bear a semblance of balance and order. They make life much easier by allowing you to plan ahead and set aside time for activities you have planned. By choosing to engage in productive activities aligned with your self-healing goals, your body and mind gives in to the ‘placebo effect’ and change gradually happens.

    Exercising healthfully

    A balanced and regular exercise routine involving strength training, aerobic exercise and flexibility training helps your body ward off disease. It keeps your body at its healthy and ideal weight. It also conditions the body’s cardiovascular network and lowers the risk of certain diseases.

    Sleeping regularly

    A lot of the body’s healing and regenerative action happens while we’re asleep. The more rest you have the more time your body has to heal. But with the hectic lifestyles, it is much harder to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. You can still work fine with 6-8 hours of regular, uninterrupted sleep and maybe a midday nap-whenever you can

    Reconnecting with nature and developing mind-body wellness skills

    Take time to explore other places outside your comfort zone in the concrete jungle. Go outside, meditate, take hikes and explore nature. Learn to meditate, refine breathing skills and enhance your senses by incorporating mindfulness and wellness techniques in your routines.

    Being kinder to yourself and reducing stress

    So you’ve got bills to pay and deadlines to meet, you’ve also got a life to live. Stress only imbalances your system and overworks your body’s self-repair mechanisms weakening you over time. And if you break down, the bills will be much harder to pay then.

    Eating right

    Choosing fresh wholesome foods and healthy oils like fruits, seeds, nuts and avocadoes. By eating healthy, you are introducing essential nutrients into the body and bolstering your immune system.

    Thinking healthy

    The mind heals the body, what you think, your body responds to. You think you want to grow and your body will want to grow. By changing your thoughts, your body also responds to the change.

    The first step to true self-healing is the unwavering conviction that you want to heal. Every other step afterwards is a test of how bad you want to heal and what change means. Its all in the mind-your mind. It will take time but when it happens, you will want nothing more.



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