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    Crystal Singing Bowl Set - 7 Chakra Tuned - Complete Healing - 432 Hz Size 6" to 12"


    Founder's note: Over 10 years of quality Nepali craftsmanship and sound testing, we perfected the tones and beauty of crystal singing bowls that ensure their effectiveness, so users can bask in their beautiful healing light while experiencing life changing sound healing benefits.

    This is sound as medicine.

    -Your order includes:

    - Complete healing crystal singing bowl set

    - "Sound Awakenings - Your complete guide to a transformative journey in healing with sound energy as medicine" (50 page e-book)

    - Chakra Journal - Powerful chakra and self discovery tool to track and enhance your sound healing progress

    - 4x wands or mallets for playing

    - Premium extra padded travel carry cases

    - 7x premium O rings (extra stable)

    - Instructions Video


    Our unique "peace of mind" money back guarantee: if you dont see any of the benefits from playing after 30 days and sometimes beyond we refund your order. No questions asked.

    Shipping is free and fully insured.Plus our packaging is the most secure in the industry..

    Use our live order tracking system to view your exact shipment status.

    If ordered today, expect 5-10 days for delivery in US and 7-12 days for international.

    Our Complete Healing Set Sound Demo - Hear The Difference

    (Use headphones or earphones for true sounds)


    Problems caused by chakra imbalances

    "I was on a path to death, couldn't eat solid food for over a year. Doctors said I was in-curable, this instrument saved my life. Healed in less than 2 months ...... want to heal? GET THIS!"

    - Michael M.


    Start your healing journey

    Heal your mind and body deeply and holistically, calm your mind, unlock your body's chakras and release hidden energy! This is sound as medicine. 6 Lynx complete crystal singing bowl set is made for this exact purpose, for you to heal naturally and grow spiritually. Imported from Nepal and made with Nepali Quartz which carry high spiritual energy, crystals from here are known for their amazing healing properties. Crystal singing bowls are ancient Eastern medicine. While modern medicine can cure specific health issues, our cyrstal singing bowl set is a more holicticshealing approcach. The bowls are made of 99.993% Nepali quartz(purest available), making them incredibly resonant with magnified healing properties. We also designed the bowls so they are specifically tuned most accurately to the 7 chakras. Crystals have inherent healing properties which combined with tuned sounds work to amplify the healing benefits. Each bowl emit a powerful, healing resonant sound. These bowls are much more reverberating with the tone lasting longer, simply because of the size specific tuning and amount of pure crystal.

    Note: All 3 of our set designs sound exactly alike and give the same healing benefits

    Support A healing cause

    We work with reforestation projects globally to create a positive impact on our planet’s future. 6 Lynx plants a tree for every order and then every $100 you spend (that's 8-12 trees for every set order!)

    Ethically Sourced Quartz

    Our quartz is mined from fair trade sources in Nepal. This high quality quartz crystal is used to make the bowls (99.993% highest possible quartz purity). Unlike cheaper imitations on Amazon or eBay we prefer to remain a smaller business and focus on product quality.

    Unique Production Process

    We learned through experience what makes them sound most resonant and clear. Each bowl is tested multiple times with state of the art systems to identify its true sound and healing frequency.All bowls will have a sense of your energy centers or chakras.

    thousands of Proven Results

    Over the years we've seen incredible results, testimonials and received feedback from customers that have played our unique complete healing sets or were in the presence of their sounds. We have no doubt the bowls will transform your aura and deeply heal you.

    Reported Benefits After Only 1 Week

    Life changing healing effects

    Increased aura (people may notice this)

    Feeling balanced in chakra centers

    Reduced stress and anxiety significantly

    Dramatically improved sleep quality

    Promoted happiness and sense of well-being

    Lowered anger and blood pressure

    Improved circulation and blood flow

    Relaxation and pain relief

    Increased mental and emotional clarity

    Better meditation

    What happens when you place your order?

    Your 6 Lynx sound healing journey mapped:

    you place the order today

    Grand rising! You've made the decision to change your life with healing sound energy. You will get immediate order confirmation with how to play instructions.

    we email your chakra journal

    You will get a customized chakra journal made by a certified healer. This meticulously crafted journal is not just a tool to track your chakra healing and unlocking; it's also a gateway to profound self-discovery and healing. Over seven weeks, you'll dive deep into the essence of each chakra

    We suggest going through the journal to familiarize yourself with it.

    order gets processed

    Order is being processed and we double check packaging to ensure secure safe delivery (takes 2 days)

    100 trees are planted

    100 trees planted in madagascar, Nicaragua, Australia in your name - making your green imprint on our planet

    your order ships

    Order ships and tracking emailed to you - our website live tracking system will also show you complete route and live ETA

    Order in transit

    Take this time to prepare your healing space and sanctuary (where you will play your set), meditate, read up on which chakras can be most our of balance

    your set arrives!

    Yay! Unwrap the magical box and arrange your bowls in a circle around.you. Start playing intuitively and use your chakra journal as a guide.

    Each quartz crystal singing bowl is fine tuned to a specific chakra (please see below chart). The tones produced by these crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, mindfulness & meditation.

    The bowls in the set are arranged as:

    • 6" B / Crown Chakra - intuition, spirituality, enlightenment     
    • 7" A / Third Eye Chakra- intuition, awareness, creativity
    • 8" G / Throat Chakra - communication, social ability, expression
    • 9" F / Heart Chakra - Love, compassion, openness
    • 10" E / Solar Plexus Chakra - confidence, motivation
    • 11" D / Sacral Chakra - pleasure, sensuality, connectedness 
    • 12" C / Root Chakra - grounding, life energy, sexuality

    33.17 lb of natural celestite quartz crystal rock used to make the bowls

    Production Process


    Unique state of the art production technology:  6 Lynx crystal singing bowls are made from pure crushed Nepali quartz. The natural quartz crystal is crushed in a delicate pulse grinder that retains more minerals in the crystal. The crushed crystal sand is heated to exactly 4001.47 degrees in a centrifugal mold. When the temperature reaches 3995.58-4001.47 degrees, the sand becomes liquid, these are cooled into our amazing crystal singing bowls.After the cooling process, each bowl is hand polished with whetstone to even out the surface quartz crystal density.Finally each bowl is tested with state of the art system to identify its sound. All bowls will have a sense of your energy centers or chakras.



    1. The Purest quartz crystal 99.993%

    2. Unique production process with mineral retention

    3. Chakra tuned different notes ranging from C,D,E,F,G,A,B 

    4. Deep pure and clear resonant sound 

    5. Best value for overall benefits

    6. Made with Nepali quartz

    7. Hand polished quartz surface

    "My Chakra singing bowl set is amazing! I’ve used it daily since receiving them and have played for others too! Touching and healing others while healing myself!🧘🏽‍♀️😊 🙏🏽 Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for creating such beautiful gifts. I’m sooooooo in love."

    - Myleya G.


    Note on inventory

    Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Please consider getting two or more. Get one for yourself or your friends/family who practices chakra healing, meditation, yoga, holistic sound healing.


    Size: 6-12"
    Weight (kg): 18kg or 39.6lb
    Diameter (cm): 20-30cm
    Tones: C D E F G A B
    Color/Design: Available in 3 options (please see above)
    Size: 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12"
    Free Accessories: one rubber mallet + one suede mallet+7pcs rubber o-rings
    Frequency: 432Hz unless otherwise requested
    Usage: Meditation / Yoga /Sound therapy/Healing


    NCBI Study Results On Sound Meditation


    The chart above shows significant positive changes that were observed pre and post sound meditation in participant's tension, depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger levels etc. The effect size (n) is in the right most column (note, size 0.14 is considered large)


    "This is a good example of how price matches superior quality. I truly enjoy playing and listening to the tones, great complete healing set."

    -Jayne G.

    So what is a chakra?

    Simply put, it’s an energy center or areas of the body that is dense with energy. They’re usually associated with the psychological or energy body, rather than the material/physical body, although several of the chakras correspond to areas that have vital organs, such as the heart, brain, and reproductive organs. There are 7 main Chakras.

    Signs of blocked chakras


    1st Chakra (Root): Being depleted of root chakra energy feels like a survival crisis. You can’t get grounded because you are stuck in your head. By contrast, if you have too much energy at the root, you can become greedy or excessive in behaviors. These are misguided attempts to get grounded. Keeping this chakra balanced keeps your grounded and also provides sexual energy as it's directy tied to the basal sex organs.

    2nd Chakra (Sacral) : When someone is blocked in their sacral chakra, they struggle with being ruled by their emotions or the opposite of this, which is feeling numb or out of touch. Chronic back pain, impotence, reproductive issues are also tied to this chakra being out of order. There's also a correlation to sexual desire (or the lack thereof) at this level. Creativity and pleasure are both found (or lost) at this energy center.

    3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus):This chakra is often considered the power center, and when out of balance, self-esteem may be low and decision-making can feel out of control. Temper flare-ups are also common when energy isn’t flowing well here.

    4th Chakra (Heart): The heart chakra, when flowing with energy, feels filled with love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. When there's a blockage at this energy level, anger, jealousy, grief, or self-hatred can be more prominent. This leads to more damaged or broken relationships.

    5th Chakra (Throat):This chakra is the source of speaking your most authentic truth. When energy is blocked or low here, fear of not being accepted or of being judged becomes a problem. You might also feel out of touch with your opinions and desires and have challenge in making choices.

    6th Chakra (Third Eye): The word Ajna means “beyond wisdom,” and when this chakra is open, you experience expanded imagination, clairvoyance, and intuition. When there is a blockage at this level, there can be a tendency to be over-involved in fantasy or imagination. Lack of focus or clouded judgment can also occur.

    7th Chakra (Crown): The crown chakra connects you to the wider universal energy, so when this area has a block, isolation or emotional distress can occur. This may present as an inability to set or follow through on goals or an overall lack of direction and feelings of disconnection.




    ~ First Chakra ~ Note C Bowls are used for the 1st or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with the powerful Kundalini force which is a fire energy of a most potent nature. Life Energy, Physical Activity, Emotional Strength, Will Power and Sexuality. Related Body Areas and Organs of the 1st chakra are Joints, Muscles, Heart, Blood and Nervous System. Color: red. Use C note bowls when power and awareness is needed.

    ~ Second Chakra ~ Note D Bowls are used for the 2nd or Navel Chakra, located below the navel (near the belly button) and is known for its power in life actions. Corresponds to Creative, Productive and Emotional Expression of Life Energy. Manifestation. Related Body Areas and Organs are Intestines, Spleen, and Digestive Track. Also known as the Warrior's Chakra. Color: orange. Use D note bowls to eliminate all fear in relation to action.

    ~ Third Chakra ~ Note E Bowls are used for the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra, located near the diaphragm and is the psychic chakra. Corresponds to Personal Power, Creative and Intellectual Thoughts. Related Body Areas and Organs are Stomach, Solar Plexus, and Liver. Color: yellow. Use E note bowls for all psychic and intuitive work and the purification of negative emotions.

    ~ Fourth Chakra ~ Note F Bowls are used for the 4th or Heart Chakra, located near the heart and is the love energy chakra. Corresponds to Communication, Speech, and Social Abilities. Related Body Areas and Organs are Heart, Lungs, Chest, Circulation, Arms and Hands. Color: green. Use F note bowls to heal the heart and to increase the love nature.

    ~ Fifth Chakra ~ Note G Bowls are used for the 5th or Throat Chakra, located on the throat, and is the chakra associated with Communication, Speech, Social Abilities Verbal and Emotional Expression and the Creative Arts associated with such. Expressions from the 'heart'. Related Body Areas and Organs are Lungs, Throat, Bronchial and Voice. Color: blue. Use G note bowls for all creative activities and expression.

    ~ Sixth Chakra ~ Note A Bowls are used for the 6th or Third Eye Chakra and is the all seeing chakra, located between and slightly above the eyes. Corresponds to Intuition, Vision, Artistic and Creative Thoughts. The related Body Areas and Organs are the Eyes, Nervous System, Brain and Forehead. Color: purple. Use A note bowls to develop seeing and higher wisdom.

    ~ Seventh Chakra ~ Note B Bowls are used for the 7th or Crown Chakra located on top of the head which is the highest spiritual chakra. Corresponds to Intuition, Spirituality, and Enlightenment. Related Body Areas and Organs are Brain, Nervous System and Top of Head. Color: white. Use B note bowls to develop the extraordinary spiritual perceptions.The crystal singing bowls are excellent healers, allowing the client to begin the deep healing and restoration process. They act profoundly with pure ancient sound upon the chakras as well as the mind and cellular body to create a more balanced and complete human being as well as a more fulfilled life. Have regular bowl healing sessions to keep your aura strong!

    Chakra Journal


    The Chakra Journal

    Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the full potential of your being with our groundbreaking Chakra Journal. Tailored for those immersed in the healing and spiritual path, this meticulously crafted journal is not just a tool to track your chakra healing and unlocking; it's also a gateway to profound self-discovery and healing. Over seven weeks, you'll dive deep into the essence of each chakra, using the ancient wisdom of sound healing to explore, balance, and revitalize your energy centers from the ground up.

    Each week is dedicated to one of the seven chakras, starting from the grounding energy of the Root Chakra to the divine connection of the Crown Chakra. With daily activities guided by the resonant frequencies of singing bowls, reflective journaling prompts, and practical exercises, you're not just reading about chakras — you're living and breathing their transformative power. This journal is designed to unveil imbalances, foster self-awareness, and catalyze a journey towards wholeness and harmony.

    Whether you're a seasoned healer, a spiritual seeker, or someone curious about the depths of their own psyche, this Chakra Journal is your companion in uncovering the mysteries within. It's not just about healing; it's about awakening to your highest potential, unlocking new dimensions of your consciousness, and connecting with the universe in ways you've never imagined.

    Don't just chase spirituality and healing — embody it. Let the 6 Lynx Chakra Journal guide you through an unparalleled journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Your path to a balanced, healed, and fully awakened life begins here.