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    The Healing Harp - Chakra Sonophone - New Crystal Sound Healing Instrument - Rich Meditative Sound Vibrations - Large Size - Launch Promo 60% OFF

    Sound Demo

    Experience the most ethereal and deeply relaxing sounds. The Chakra Sonophone also known as "Healing Harp" in our community, produces amazing rich meditative tones you will feel every cell in your body vibrating at the same healing resonance. This is Music as medicine.
    Pure crystal vibrational energy gives us the most refined sound ever. Each crystal tube is delicately crafted with 99.993% pure Nepali quartz, perfectly weight balanced and especially tuned to each chakra. 
    This is a large instrument (over 20" in height) with longer crystal tubes (longest tube is 22") than most other harps in the market. The tones produced will be deep, rich and resonate for a while.
    This is a perfect compliment to add to your crystal singing bowl meditation, group healing session or sound healing sanctuary. Start your journey to raising your vibrations this year and beyond.
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    Ethically Sourced 99.993% Pure Crystal 
    Our crystal is sourced from fair trade mining in Nepal.

    Reported Benefits:

    • Ephemeral sounds that heal the body, mind and soul
    • Helps with chronic anxiety and stress
    • Vibrates every cell in your body like a full body massage
    • Deeply relaxing and soothing for deep sleep or meditation 
    • Notes designed to align chakras
    • Perfect for deep meditation sessions 
      Tube and Chakra Arrangement (Top to Bottom)
       Product Features:
      • Innovative fastening system: translucent and discrete elastics, balancing each tube independently of the others
      • Made with 99.993% natural Nepali quartz crystal, not synthetic quartz.
      • Comfortable grip and incredible lightness of the instrument
      • Stability perfect notes through a strong framework and non-pierced tubes
      • Octave: 5 and 6 - acute - with a harmonic richness of great subtlety
      • Diatonic range in healing 432 Hz (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, SI DO) with 8 tubes
      • Transport and protection case qualitative, aluminum (light), to tidy up.

        Order Includes:
        1 * Crystal Chakra Sonophone
        2 * Mallets
        1 * Steel Carry Case (perfect travel protection)



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        All orders are shipped free. Currently due to heavy order volume, please expect 7-12 business days for your order delivery in U.S. For international orders please expect 12-17 business days. All deliveries are fully insured in case anything arrives damaged.

        Quick note on Inventory: Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Please consider getting two or more. Get one for yourself or your friends/family who practices chakra healing, meditation, yoga, holistic sound healing.


        Playing the Chakra phone

        No, you do not need to be a musician. Most of those who purchase a Chakra Sonophone are not musicians. The chakra Sonophone can be played on its own or with other musical instruments including singing bowls, tuning forks or any orchestral or native instruments. Use the instrument for group meditations, at yoga studios, meditation centers, alternative healing sessions and spiritual gatherings. Many will play at solo concerts or with other musicians.


        The Chakra Sonophone has eight pure quartz tubes (99.9% quartz crystal), tuned to eight pure chakra tones, similar to the chakra crystal bowl set. It is permanently in tune, regardless of the ambient climatic conditions. Special metal pins firmly hold and suspend the pure crystal tubes. This unique structure gives optimal vibration space to the tubes and creates a unique, divine sound!


        • Material: 99.993% crystal + acrylic (stand)
        • Scale: C
        • Notes: 8 notes
        • Frequency: 432Hz
        • Tube Length: max. 54cm / 21.3in; min. 38cm/ 15in
        • Case Size: 59.5 * 45 * 13.5cm / 23.4 * 17.7 * 5.3in

        So what is a Chakra?
        Simply put, it’s an energy center or areas of the body that is dense with energy. They’re usually associated with the psychological or energy body, rather than the material/physical body, although several of the chakras correspond to areas that have vital organs, such as the heart, brain, and reproductive organs. There are 7 main Chakras.

        How to Get Energy Flowing through t
        he Seven Chakras:

        ~ First Chakra ~ Note C Bowls are used for the 1st or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with the powerful Kundalini force which is a fire energy of a most potent nature. Life Energy, Physical Activity, Emotional Strength, Will Power and Sexuality. Related Body Areas and Organs of the 1st chakra are Joints, Muscles, Heart, Blood and Nervous System. Color: red. Play lower tubes when power and awareness are needed.

        ~ Second Chakra ~ Note D Bowls are used for the 2nd or Navel Chakra, located below the navel (near the belly button) and is known for its power in life actions. Corresponds to Creative, Productive and Emotional Expression of Life Energy. Manifestation. Related Body Areas and Organs are Intestines, Spleen, and Digestive Track. Also known as the Warrior's Chakra. Color: orange. Play lower to eliminate all fear in relation to action.

        ~ Third Chakra ~ Note E Bowls are used for the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra, located near the diaphragm and is the psychic chakra. Corresponds to Personal Power, Creative and Intellectual Thoughts. Related Body Areas and Organs are Stomach, Solar Plexus, and Liver. Color: yellow. Use Play mid level tubes for all psychic and intuitive work and the purification of negative emotions.

        ~ Fourth Chakra ~ Note F Bowls are used for the 4th or Heart Chakra, located near the heart and is the love energy chakra. Corresponds to Communication, Speech, and Social Abilities. Related Body Areas and Organs are Heart, Lungs, Chest, Circulation, Arms and Hands. Color: green. Play mid to upper level to heal the heart and to increase the love nature. 

        ~ Fifth Chakra ~ Note G Bowls are used for the 5th or Throat Chakra, located on the throat, and is the chakra associated with Communication, Speech, Social Abilities Verbal and Emotional Expression and the Creative Arts associated with such. Expressions from the 'heart'. Related Body Areas and Organs are Lungs, Throat, Bronchial and Voice. Color: blue. Play upper tubes for all creative activities and expression.

        ~ Sixth Chakra ~ Note A Bowls are used for the 6th or Third Eye Chakra and is the all seeing chakra, located between and slightly above the eyes. Corresponds to Intuition, Vision, Artistic and Creative Thoughts. The related Body Areas and Organs are the Eyes, Nervous System, Brain and Forehead. Color: purple. Play top level to develop seeing and higher wisdom. 

        ~ Seventh Chakra ~ Note B Bowls are used for the 7th or Crown Chakra located on top of the head which is the highest spiritual chakra. Corresponds to Intuition, Spirituality, and Enlightenment. Related Body Areas and Organs are Brain, Nervous System and Top of Head. Color: white. Play top level  and develop the extraordinary spiritual perceptions.