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    African Djembe Description:  Hand crafted in Mali, West Africa by village cultural artisans these Djembe drums produce excellent sound quality. Made of one solid piece of hand carved wood and natural West African goat skin.

    The black djembe has the base hand carved with African Adinkra symbol, The Moon & The Star design.  It's a symbol of love, faithfulness & harmony. 

    The brown djembe has Elephants carved on both sides  by skillful artisans

    Each instrument is cleaned, inspected, tuned, and played individually to check sound and quality with additional attention give to aesthetics

    Warm, full bass sound, strong open tones, and clean, crisp, high slaps - right out of the box.

    Pre-stretched nylon tuning ropes, drumheads made of specially treated goatskin.
    Makes a strong resonate sound.  Very good for drummers or anyone who is learning. Can also double as a special decorative item for a living room or any part of your home. Take it out of the box and starting playing right away
    No two djembes are exactly identical.
    Bring the Rhythm of Africa Home With You! 



    • Extremely Relaxing Sounds for Stress and Anxiety Relief
    • Made of Wood and Pure Goat Skin.
    • Uniform Resonance.
    • Traditional West African Musical Instrument and Decorative Piece
    • Strong and Durable Corrosion Resistance.
    • High Strength Climbing Rope, Good toughness, Good Tuning Effect
    • Easy and Fun to Play
    • Makes Exceptional Relaxing Sound
    • Great starter drum


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    Inventory:Currently flying out the door! Stock is low due to high order volume, please consider getting 1 or more for loved ones or kids.


    Material: Wood + Goat Skin

    Color: Random Painted Pattern

    Size (H x W): 20"x11", 16"x9"

    Quantity: 1 pcs

    Drum Chamber Material: Wood + Goat Skin