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    Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Hand Made From Wood For Sleep and Relaxation

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    Groovy wooden aromatherapy device that makes it easy for you to consistently and reliably receive the benefits from therapeutic-grade essential oils quicker than most other common methods

    Made from wood - the groovy concave design really ""locks in"" the essential oil and absorbing it better. This helps slowly spread the fragrance and aroma so that it lingers longer. 

    Applications - can be placed in the office, bedroom, living room, car, beauty salon, yoga studio.

    Excellent helping sleep. Breathing the scent of your favorite essential oil in a quiet sleep environment, you will absolutely fall into deep sleep like a baby.

    Easy to use, easy to carry - just drip 3-4 drops of essential oil


    Item: Essential Oil Diffuser
    Ingredient: wooden aromatherapy diffuser

    Size: 3X3X5CM

    Weight: 20G

    Package Includes:

    1x wooden aroma therapy oil diffuser