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    Feng Shui Fortune Money Frog - Home/ Work Tabletop Luck Ornament - Save 70%


    Description: The Money Frog represents a powerful Feng Shui charm for prosperity. This mythical creature is said to appear during the full moon, near houses or businesses that will soon receive good news. According to Feng Shui beliefs, money frog helps attract and protect wealth. Because it symbolizes the flow of money, Feng Shui lore insists that a money frog statue with coin in mouth should not be positioned facing the main door outward. It could also be kept in, near or facing towards you.

    The fat money frog sits upon a gold ingot, with a string of copper coins upon the back, representing wealth and dignity and serving as an auspicious sign of treasure, wealth and abundance. Money frog(three-leg toad) has an inborn propensity and a sharp perception for gold and wealth. It is good at digging wealth and known as a “treasure-attracting” animal..

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    Made of high quality resin and painted gold color.

    Money frog represents a popular Feng Shui symbol for prosperity.

    Beautiful statue of a gold frog with red eyes sitting on a pile of traditional Chinese gold coins, with a coin in its mouth.

    On its back, it displays seven spots symbolizing the Big Dipper which plays      an important role in Chinese astrology.

    The most auspicious symbol of money-making. Place it in your home, office, store for good luck.



    Material: Premium Quality Resin

    Color: Gold

    Size: 6.5 x 6 x 5cm / 2.56 x 2.36 x 1.97"

    Quantity: 1

    Weight: 157g (approx.)

    Theme: Money

    Package Includes:

    1 x Money Frog Decoration