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Mdundo Drum - New Healing Handpan Percussion Instrument - Hand-Made - with Carry Case - 60% OFF Sale


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"Mdundo" (Mundo) or Rhythmin Swahili. Indeed the words is meant to portray the rhythm of life itself in Swahilian culture, a vibrant mystical place. Our mdundo drum sounds are designed to be deeply healing and enchanting to the soul.


Why choose our Mdundo drum?

So you can produce mystical enchanting sounds at home or anywhere you travel

Healing sounds will relax your body, mind and seep into the soul

Very simple to learn and play intuitively 

A must have for meditation and yoga routine

Every order comes with a free carry case included!

Free fully insured shipping

Scale customization available

The scale that speaks to you
Our Mdundo minor scale often feels mysterious and relaxing. It is our most popular drum. It can also feel mystical, intense and even suspenseful depending on how it is played. The mystic Mdundo minor scales are usually the most popular requests. 
These scales tend to have a good amount of mystery but also offer some positive resolve. They can be relaxing and also driving and intense
This scale is mysterious but also uplifting, meditative and relaxing tuned an octave lower than most other scales.


Scale Customization: We can make and tune your drum to any scale you request. If your desired scale is not on our page, simply request in the order confirmation email after placing order. 
Why are hand instruments priced higher?
The mdundo (hand) drum is an expertly crafted hand pan instrument. It is difficult to buy a handpan because they are hand-hammered and intricately tuned and cannot be mass produced.  Plus, very few people have mastered the skills necessary to make a quality or a top shelf handpan. 
Almost all our customers say they love our hand pans and most learn to play within just a week of starting. Some even say they create a song just within 2 weeks of starting to play! It is built for intuitive play.
Delivery and Shipping: This is a hand hammered item and every drum is made to order then tested thoroughly for sound quality and tonality. We ship from Nepal using premium express shipping service. Please expect 8-12 business days for delivery.
All Orders Include: Free carry bag for every drum!
Inventory: Limited quantity. We sell out often. Please consider getting two or more. Get one for yourself or your friends/family who practices chakra healing, meditation, yoga, holistic sound healing.
Model: Mdundo Drum
Weight (kg): 28
Diameter (cm): 40cm
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