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Jivana Gongs - Powerful Sound Gongs for Healing, Positive Energy and Meditation


Ancient Gongs have held spiritual significance in Asian cultures for millenniums. The harmonic power and resonance has been used in sound healing, ancient medicine and deep meditation by shamans and monks alike to achieve deep physical and emotional healing, a new inner peace of mind and deep spiritual awakening. The gongs are made to resonate longer and produce deeply healing sounds which can be felt by the mind body and spirit. Raising vibrations and positive energy wherever they are struck. 


 Sound Demo


Where It's Made

Our gongs are in Nepal and India by local craftsmen with generations of experience. 6 Lynx Jivana Gongs are made and shipped directly from Nepal and India. Jivana means "life" in Nepali language. Hand made by talented local craftsmen and women in the Kathmandu region in Nepal and Rajasthan region in India, these people have dedicated their lives to the art of making these amazing instruments. With generations of experience these artists have truly mastered the art of making these beautiful instruments and we are honored and proud to be partners with such local artists. The gongs are made to resonate longer and emit deep healing tones which can be felt by the mind body and spirit. Raising vibrations and positive energy wherever they are struck.


 Nepali craftsmen at work 

The art of gong making is wrongfully turned into complicated engineering in western culture (resulting in overpriced instruments). This is why we avoid western manufacturers at all costs. The superior sound quality and traditional craftmanship of gongs made by local workers in Nepal and India is clear, furthermore we whole heartedly want to support the local craftsmen and their tradition. We will only manufacture our gongs with them.


Reported Benefits:

Tune your body into sync
Practice deep meditation as more alpha brain waves are produced
Reduce stress and anxiety significantly
Dramatically improve sleep quality
Promote mindfulness, happiness and well-being Lower anger and blood pressure
Improve circulation and increases blood flow
Deep relaxation and pain relief
Increase mental and emotional clarity
    Cultural Decorative Piece



Just like a off sounding piano or guitar needs tuning to sound right, the vibrations produced with a gong help “tune” your body and therefore aid in restoring harmony and healing throughout.

Gongs are used primarily for healing and meditation purposes. To explain, the healing element is key because the powerful sound vibrations help heal our cells at a molecular levelby bringing them back into sync. The frequency produced after striking helps the brain make more alpha brain waves which is why it helps increase focus and thus much better meditation as well. So gongs ae often used to start a healing and meditation session.


Cultural Decorative Art Piece

Although used traditionally for healing and meditation, gongs have gone beyond to also become a piece of culture and art in modern homes. They stand as an icon of traditional Asian culture.  A well crafted and hand inscribed gong is not only a meditation tool but serves as a decorative art piece because it is so stunning to look at.


Dome Design - Will have amazing hand crafted artwork and a even semi sphere built into them.

Mantra Design - will have beautiful Buddhist mantras and artwork inscribed on them.

Wind Gong - built larger to product deep harmonic resonance and last longer (ideal for larger spaces and group sessions)



Free. Please expect 7-12 days for delivery due to current high order volumes. 


Order includes:

1x Gong

1x Striker  


Specifications Manna of life Gongs


Weight 8 lb

Diameter: 17 inch or 56cm


Weight 7 lb

Diameter: 15 inch 


Weight 12 lb 

Diameter: 23 inch