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    Solfeggio Amethyst Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

    Made with mesmerizing deep purple amethyst and white quartz rock. Tuned to
    852 Hz for the Law of Attraction. This bowl carries a frequency that connects with your higher consciousness and the spiritual order Transforming the cell to higher energy states and raises inner strength. The vibrational frequencies of 852 Hz open up the cell and its ability to communicate and derive energy from the outside world. This means it improves your ability to manifest anything through the law of attraction. Very difficult to tune this high frequency with accuracy and we've finally achieved it perfectly. 

    After almost a decade of testing and studies on solfeggio frequencies, we are making our new solfeggio alchemy crystal singing bowls available to the public. As with our 432 Hz complete healing crystal singing bowls sets,  these new solfeggio bowls also went through same extensive testing for almost 9+ years before finally being released. We wanted to be sure we attained the most accurate frequencies using the crystals used for making these bowls.

    Solfeggio Frequency Tuned for: 852 Hz Grounding and Inner Strength 

    Order includes:
    10" Amethyst Solfeggio bowl
    Travel Case
    O Ring

    Only available at 6 Lynx. Solfeggio frequency bowls take years of testing to especially when using beautiful frosted quartz crystal. This is simply not available as potently anywhere. Recommended to combine with the 432 Hz universal healing frequency.

    Get the complete solfeggio alchemy set here:

    Complete solfeggio healing experience + save 40% per bowl!