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    Handmade Tibetan 7 Metal Healing Bowl - Harnessing Full Moon Energy



    Sound Healing Bowl 

    We present you our masterpiece, hand hammered seven metal sound healing bowls. The human body is 70% water. These healing bowls produce a tone that vibrate through our water levels, evening out imbalances and an immediate feeling of calm develops. It's like a deep no touch massage.


    These bowls are almost antiques. 
    Unlike regular singing bowls traditionally made 7 metal healing bowls are very rare and uncommon. Our 7 metal conch shell represents the beautiful, deep, universal and pervasive sound of the OM in dharma. The seven metals used have great significance in the alchemist system of healing, and are also astrologically associated with 7 different planets or celestial bodies; namely, sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These also correspond with certain key qualities or personalities of humans as described in astrology. The seven metals are: Iron, Copper, Zinc, Brass, Mercury, Gold and Silver.
    The highest lamas used these Tibetan healing bowls as ritual offerings to their gods and deities, and some believe the highest lamas used these bowls for rituals to travel to another level of consciousness, but it was forbidden to talk about these bowls, even within Tibetan monasteries itself.
    This finely finished handmade bowl can be used during meditation or opening yoga sessions, healing rituals and also for overall chakra balance and relaxation. The magnificent piece comes with a high quality rosewood mallet.


    Main Benefits:

    Natural Sound Healing and Therapeutic

    Natural Relief for Depression and Anxiety

    Yoga and Mindfulness

    Relief from Back Pain and Migraines

    Calmness and Relaxation

     Helps with Insomnia

       Ethically Sourced and Hand Crafted in Nepal


    Our Crafting Process

     Our hand beaten healing bowls are chosen carefully after extensive sound tests to ensure their healing properties. These exclusive healing masterpieces are carefully crafted by local Nepali artists for long lasting and powerful sounds. Traditionally, the bowls were made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the seven planets. 


    We have partnered with Rajendra Shakya’s family to make these unique 7 metal sound healing bowls. Our sales help support such local artisans in Nepal.


    The Story behind our bowls

    With the rapid change in society, progress of medicine and technology, unfortunately the skill of crafting these bowls in the Himalaya regions is quickly becoming a lost art. This development also coincides with the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Since early 2011, the 6 Lynx team has been trying to recover that knowledge. Together with our long-term associate Svdeep Lamsai (in video), we made a breakthrough in finding in our travels a 74-year-old man named Rajendra living in the foothills of Himalayas, who in his youth had been making the traditional healing bowls. That and the support from metallurgist of that region, who analysed the 7 metal alloys used to make ancient healing bowls, allowed 6 Lynx to revive this ancient craft.


    Free. But due to the hand crafted nature of the bowls, Full Moon timing and limited inventories, please expect 10-17 business days for your order delivery from Nepal.


    All orders include
    1x 7 Metal Healing Bowl
    1x Beautiful Red Rubber mallet/Gong



    Unique Full Moon Significance

    These bowls are made by hand on a Full Moon evening of every month to enhance the healing vibrations through subtle moon energy.
    Each bowl is one of a kind and handmade only few times per month under the light of the full moon in the Kathmandu Valley.  Hand hammered, hand carved, and hand tuned by the best singing bowl artists in Kathmandu, Nepal.
    We encourage you to hold group sound baths using these bowls in the light of every full moon.