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June 03, 2018 1 Comment


Let us tell you a story about the journey of our favorite customer, Michael Mccullen. 

8 years ago he had a massive stroke, lost his left language cortex, couldn’t speak, write, read, recognize letters, move left arm, etc. 

Through intense mantras, meditation, mimicking people, it came all back, people tell him he talks “all right”, but being past President of Toastmasters Int. and a perfectionist he hesitates to believe....

He has a women that can narrate for him if he writes a script ( has done it many times) Think he can write one that’s personal and informative at the same time! “ people will love it”

The GOOD news, his thought has Completely healed, 4 surgeons completely astounded. They believed this was a life time disability. 

"It was the Chakra Bowl that completed the energy I needed! The whole is a completion of the parts”, he told us.

He reached out to us about his condition and we immediatly provided a handsome dicount.

He added, "Thank you guys, it was the energy of you and all the souls down the line that made the magic possible." 




"My 8” is the clearest tone I’ve ever heard........apparently perfect.....ground breaking!"

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Julio R. Montero
Julio R. Montero

July 21, 2019

I haven’t tried an singing bowl personally yet but I am aware of its usefullnes for what is meant to do. I am acquiring my owned one soon.

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